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Simple Kirby Redirects Plugin

We needed an ultra-lightweight and easily-extensible redirect plugin for Kirby, so we built one. It's criminally lightweight.


A Barebones Markdown Parser Written in Liquid

Shopify's Online Store 2.0 update was a good step in the right direction, but still very incomplete on several fronts. We found our clients needing text formatting options from within Shopify's metafield editor. So we wrote a stripped down parser for Markdown... in Liquid :|


A Circular Website

A website with no beginning and no end. We attempted several different implementations for this. Surprisingly, its not as trivial as it seems. (We couldn't just window.scrollTo(0,0). We ended up using locomotive-scroll and a few other tricks for smooth, performant, looping.

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Animating Irregular SVG Shapes

Currently, the only way to animate SVGs in-browser is by using the stroke-dashoffset like this. But if you have some irregular shape that isn't made up uniformly-thick lines, this solution doesn't quite fit... until it has to.

We hacked an SVG to enable irregularly shaped ones to be animated just like the rest of 'em.


Calculate Pounds of Product Remaining

We created a true "inventory level" tracker for products on Shopify, sold by ounce or pound. In the spirit of transparency, we decided to publish this code since all-too-many of these types of UI elements are fake.


Anonymous Async JS Function

We dug around for a while and couldn't find an example of this. So here it is, all three lines, free to use.


Authenticating with the Walmart.io API in Node.js

If you ever find yourself needing to authenticate with Walmart's REST API using Node.js, this may be of help to you.


Why We ❤️ Kirby

Without going into too much detail, here is why we prefer Kirby over WordPress:

  1. Hacking - We've seen our fair share of Wordpress site takedowns. While Kirby is not exempt from this, their flat-file structure makes it easy to backup and restore should the need arise.

  2. Back-End Dev Speed - Everyone wants a custom back-end. Kirby's 'blueprint' concept makes it dead-simple to define a custom data model and deliver a unique and tailored CMS experience.

  3. Files Are Everything - I think Kirby says it best. Databases are great, but sometimes they add an unnecessary level of complexity to what should be a simple CMS.

  4. It's Extensible as Shit - Want to use a database for only some pages? Want to create custom user permissions? Want to not spend all day building a CMS plugin? Want content representations and a JSON API out-of-the-box? Use Kirby.


Using ScrollMagic to Make a Side-Scrolling Website

If you've ever wanted to make a horizontal-scrolling website with nice, fluid animations, this is for you!

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Shopify Scripts: "Gift with Purchase"

A simple Ruby function that can be used with Shopify Scripts. It allows specific products to be discounted or given away after a threshold cart total is achieved by the customer.


Candela is Officially Born

The idea and concept of Candela has been around for quite a long time, but until recently it we were just a group of individuals working together through contracts. Eventually, we figured it was time to make it official and come together in a more meaningful way.